Mainframe 101
Part One

The contest is running on unparalleled state-of-the-art server technology.

IBM's mainframe has gone through many name changes during the decades as the technology has advanced.
The word mainframe captures the technology-rich history of this best of breed enterprise server.
The latest generation of IBM's mainframe, the z14 from the IBM Z family, has a world class legacy of
50+ years of technological advancements resulting in today's state-of-the-art technology.

  • 171 5+ GHz customer usable processors
  • 32 TB of memory - Yes that is TeraBytes of processing memory for programs and data
  • 1000+ adapters each with dedicated processors and memory for disk and network I/0 traffic
  • 5 levels of internal cache - each cache has large memory sizes
  • 832 GB/second throughput
  • Running thousands of operating systems concurrently without any extra network cables or power supplies
  • Network delay between the operating systems is near zero
  • Supports 6 unique operating systems, z/OS, z/VM, Linux, z/TPF, z/VSE, and KVM
  • Unparalleled security and encryption capability
  • A machine made for handling today's massive amount of data and providing real time analytics
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Hear the story from a high student that decided to buy a near 20 year old IBM mainframe, moved it to his parents basement, and made it work.
I Just Bought an IBM z890 - Now What?

Connor now works for IBM on IBM Z technology