Completing Part One
Part One

Turning in Your Work

To let IBM know you are finished with Part One, you need to perform one final task inside ISPF.

From the 3270 emulator, ISPF session, =6 to enter ISFP Command Shell panel and run the scorep1 TSO command as follows:

When you see the message indicating you have successfully completed Part One, you are ready to move on to Part Two.

Reflect a moment on your experience thus far in the contest. You have successfully connected to and operated in two different environments on IBM's flagship operating system, z/OS; running on a state of the art, enterprise-class mainframe.

There are not many people in the world who can make this claim. It's quite the accomplishment, so well done! Consider putting participation in this contest on your résumé; hands-on mainframe experience distinguishes you from other job seekers and employers are always excited to meet young people who've learned something about the mainframe!

This is also a good time to brag to all your friends by posting a message to your social media networks.

For more background and information about mainframes and to see examples of how important the mainframe is, check out the following web sites:

You are now ready for the more difficult challenges in Part Two.

Thanks for participating, and good luck!

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