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Part Three - Challenge #01

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In Part 3, you will learn more about using an operating system environment that is used to control the world's most critical data. With this knowledge, you can significantly increase your career potential - just as other participants have in the past.


Successful completion of the challenge is allocation of hlq.P3.OUTPUT(#01) with 3 lines.

From ISPF panel

  • Enter tso part3

Execution of part3 routine allocated hlq.P3.OUTPUT and wrote a single line into member #01

The basic skills that you have acquired in Part 2 should allow you to complete the following tasks with abbreviated instructions.

Edit hlq.P3.OUTPUT(#01)
 After the first line in hlq.P3.OUTPUT(#01), copy the content from hlq.P2.OUTPUT(#01)
 The result will be 3 lines in hlq.P3.OUTPUT(#01)

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